Well, that was some cold open. Within about two minutes we knew it was time to get down to business, with the body count rising before we even got to the opening credits. Things just got real very quickly.

Last week we discovered that we would not only see those in front of the camera but behind as well as the production crew for “My Roanoke Nightmare” started assembling the real Millers and the reenactors to be locked in the Mott house during the infamous blood moon. By the end of the episode, we saw that director Sidney James was going to get exactly what he wanted. And we were just getting started.


Kathy Bates channeled every bit of Annie Wilkes she could find and gave us everything that we’ve come to love about her. The lines between reality and supernatural are starting to blur, but one thing is certain: The Butcher will have her day!


One bit of reality that isn’t left for doubt is the tension and drama between the inhabitants of the house. Shelby and Matt deal with multiple problems, including the remnants of their failed marriage, the poking and prodding from Dominic, and some fun times in the basement (bet you didn’t see that coming.) Most of the group still thinks that Lee killed her husband, but that may change after a night in the woods. We get to see more of Sidney’s sociopathy, and how much he’s manipulating things to get “historic” ratings. Good luck with that, Sidney.


It’s interesting to discover the reenactors all over again. Dominic Banks (Cuba Gooding Jr.) admits his role to play in all of this during a confessional and Monet Tumusiime’s (Angela Bassett) drinking continues to get out of control. It’s also easy to forget that the supernatural forces we’ve seen before were reenactments as well, as we’re starting to find out.


Sarah Paulson’s brilliance doesn’t fail to shine. She swings from heartbreaking to absolutely hilarious. She has, hands down one of the best lines of the series: “Oh leave me alone, I’m not American.I’m not used to all this carnage!”

Speaking of carnage, it seems to be taking the forefront in multiple places, from both expected and the surprising. We get reintroduced to some old friends, from our world and the next. We even get a dose of shaky cams that would make the producers of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT proud.


American Horror Story” makes good on its history of going off in crazy directions as the group is split up. It has turned from a supernatural spookfest in the first half of the season to a full-on bloodbath. With a show that’s pushing the boundaries further and further each episode, one has to wonder what’s coming next. Who will survive the blood moon? We were told last week that only one will survive, and our choices were severely limited by the end of this week’s episode.

With three more episodes left this season, it’s anyone’s guess who will live to tell the tale. And if the legends are true and people who die on the property have their souls tied there for eternity, things could start to really get complicated for a few of the remaining housemates.

“American Horror Story: Roanoke” airs Wednesdays at 10PM on FX.

Jason Stollery has horror films encoded into his DNA, going so far as to name his sons Michael and Fred. His ramblings can be found on Twitter @smegghed, and on his genre film blog and podcast at filmguild.net