‘American Horror Story’ delivers! For all the moaning and groaning on social media about the story line this year seems like the show is still kicking ass and growing. But before we start freaking about what next seasons story will be about let’s congratulate them on a season well done. It was at times odd and compelling even if we didn’t know where it was headed. Superb acting as always and I applaud the show for trying new and strange things every season. Looking forward to the freaky next season.


Even though it was the shortest of all the seasons it had a 10% rise in total viewers and 18% jump among adults 18-49 over the finale of AHS: Hotel back in January, Roanoke snagged an audience of 2.45 million and a 1.3 rating last night. It also beats the finale of Asylum from January 23, 2013. Ok, now we can start to think about what next season will bring.

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