Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3

Remember when we were all kicking and screaming for more Evil Dead? It didn’t matter which ending we saw of ARMY OF DARKNESS, the story had to continue. We needed more Ash! Then the reboot came out, which was fine. Then Sam Raimi and brother/writing partner Ivan Raimi were working on the script for EVIL DEAD 4, then they weren’t. Fede Alvarez was working on a sequel to his take, then he wasn’t. Then there were more rumors that he couldn’t until EVIL DEAD 4 was done, it was endless.

Then out of nowhere our wishes were granted. Thanks to a very trusting Starz network, Ash was coming straight to our living rooms in the form of a new series, titled “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” But could they pull off the same magic as the original films? Was Ash going to be everything we hoped for? And what about the gore, the buckets, no, the 55-gallon drums of blood and gore, would they make a triumphant comeback?

Ash vs Evil Dead

And through two seasons we got exactly what we asked for. Our wise-cracking, self-centered hero that we can’t get enough of, the humor that made EVIL DEAD what it was, and enough gore to satisfy us for years, and a new team of demon fighters that quickly became a family that we gravitated towards.And when season 2 wrapped up, we were again greedy for even more. And again, our wishes are granted.

Given the ending of Season 2, we had to continue this journey. Ash (Bruce Campbell) had changed time by going into the past to make sure he never got the infamous Necronomicon, and in doing so forced him to face the horrors from the first film. Saving our dear Pablo and defeating evil, for now, The crew find themselves back in Ashley J. Williams’ hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan. The town, who reviled him throughout the years, hailed him as a hero, and everything seemed right with the world. Finally, because doesn’t Ash deserve it?

Not so fast, as SOME version of Ruby (Lucy Lawless) looks on and in an after credits scene, someone visiting the seminal cabin in the woods discovers the Book of the Dead underneath some dead leaves. It’s not over yet, folks.

Ash vs Evil Dead

So let’s take a look at what we know so far of the upcoming season 3, of which star Bruce Campbell said was being developed as the second season ended.

First and foremost is a change to our most beloved hero, Ash. Den of Geek listed a quote from Bruce Campbell himself about the upcoming challenges for his character:

 “But we’re probably going to crack more into Ash’s big picture story. He is foretold in an ancient book. He’s not just some guy in a crappy trailer home. There is a myth to Ash, there is a story, and so we want to explore a little more of that Joseph Campbell, big picture story. Why him? Why that guy? Why is he chosen to save the world?

This storyline has been hinted at since the original EVIL DEAD 2 when it is discovered that Ash is prophesized to be a hero somewhere in the past. Since then he has been locked in a battle with Deadites, not only for his soul but the rest of the world as well. Maybe we’ll be able to see more of this prophecy and what it will mean for our hero and how he will change in the future.

Another question will be of the team themselves. Will our powerful vagina, Pablo (Ray Santiago) continue to feel effects of the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis now that we know the book still exists? And what of Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo,) who really came into her own during season 2, and is hinted at heavily that she may break off at some point and take matters into her own hands.

Speaking of Kelly, we were ALMOST going to learn an important Darth Vader-esque secret as she would learn that Ash was actually her father after a tryst involving her mother during his time trip to save Pablo. Instead, we got the ending currently part of the canon. This played a part in showrunner, Craig DiGregorio, leaving the show after disagreements with franchise co-creator and producer Robert Tappert, who wanted to go towards more traditional horror where DiGregorio wanted the show to be rooted in comedy. Seems like we could meet in the middle, right?

In the Den of Geek article, DiGregorio says of the direction of the show:

“… If the push is going to be to make the show more drama and horror and stay in Elk Grove, then that’s what they’re setting up. Maybe Ash is the sheriff of the town, I don’t know. I try not to think about it because it’s not something I would have wanted.”

So we may end up seeing how the changes in time affect Elk Grove and its citizens themselves. We’ll see if this brings on a darker, more traditional horror tone to the coming season. There are also some discussions within the fan community that the new timeline could allow for crossovers with the EVIL DEAD 2013 cast, as Ash has technically never touched the Necronomicon, and a new group, maybe Mia and her friends, can discover it for themselves, making the remake part of the franchise continuity.

We also know, thanks to Deadline, that Australian actress Arielle Carver-O’Neill has been cast to play “…Brandy, a smart middle-class American high school senior whose life is upended when she finds herself caught up in violent demonic events.”

While plot details and a release date are still under wraps, we can guess that we’re looking at October, as the previous 2 seasons premiered in that month, the first being Halloween. That would put it in the mix with season 2 of “Stranger Things,” the new season of “The Walking Dead” and numerous horror film marathons.

But something tells me that we’ll make some time for it.

We’ll bring you more news and theories regarding “Ash vs. Evil Dead” season 3 as they come out. Are you looking forward to hero Ash in season 3? What are you looking forward to the most?