Ash Vs Evil Dead

Binge Watch ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ This Xmas On Netflix

Ashy gets slashly on Netflix this Holiday season with a killer Christmas gift. The first two seasons of the Starz TV series starring Bruce Campbell have landed on Netflix.

Remember when we were all kicking and screaming for more Evil Dead? It didn’t matter which ending we saw of ARMY OF DARKNESS, the story had to continue. We needed more Ash! Then the reboot came out, which was fine. Then Sam Raimi and brother/writing partner Ivan Raimi were working on the script for EVIL DEAD 4, then they weren’t. Fede Alvarez was working on a sequel to his take, then he wasn’t. Then there were more rumors that he couldn’t until EVIL DEAD 4 was done, it was endless.

Then out of nowhere our wishes were granted. Thanks to a very trusting Starz network, Ash was coming straight to our living rooms in the form of a new series, titled “Ash vs. Evil Dead.” But could they pull off the same magic as the original films? Was Ash going to be everything we hoped for? And what about the gore, the buckets, no, the 55-gallon drums of blood and gore, would they make a triumphant comeback?

Get all 20 episodes from Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix before Season 3 begins on Starz.

Here’s a teaser for Season 3

Ash Vs Evil Dead and Starz have set the premier date for Season 3 of the series staring Bruce Campbell. The Network has announced that golden date will be Sunday, February 25, 2018 at 9 PM ET/PT. The biggest story in season 3 will be Ash discovering his long lost daughter.