Parker Posey gets ‘Lost In Space’ on Netflix

It seems as though we can’t turn around without running headfirst into another remake of some kind. Whether it’s a big screen adaptation of a beloved television show or a big budget television adaptation of a beloved cult sci-fi classic – remakes are everywhere and they are hot.  According to an article posted today  from Parker Posey has been picked up to play the nefarious Doctor Smith in Netflix’s remake of the cult sci-fi series “Lost In Space.”


From JoBlo:

Toby Stephens (“Black Sails”) [is set to] play John Robinson and Molly Parker (“Deadwood”) will play Maureen Robinson, with Taylor Russell (“Falling Skies”) and Maxwell Jenkins (“Sense8”) playing Judy and Will Robinson respectively. But who could possibly fill the role of the brilliant yet sniveling Dr. Smith?The nefarious character was played so perfectly by Jonathan Harris in the original series and by Gary Oldman in the 1998 big-screen remake, but it appears that Netflix is giving the character a bit of a gender-swap with the announcement that Parker Posey (BEST IN SHOW) will be playing Dr. Smith in the upcoming series.”


Well – of all things to come out of the remake mews this one seems quite interesting. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any developments that surface in regards to this new piece of Netflix’s arsenal.