According to Deadline things are not looking good for resident bad-boy Daryl Dixon on “The Walking Dead” in the upcoming season.

Norman Reedus gives his thoughts on Carol here

Yes, the teaser trailer that aired last night on “The Talking Dead Preview Special” may have left quite a few with a sour taste in their mouth. Although Dwight may be wearing “the vest,” and riding “the bike,” (not nearly as well as Norman, may I say, for either); it does not necessarily foreshadow anything.

As any true fan of this series knows, it is to expect the unexpected. It is the Big Brother of the zombie apocalypse. Just when you think someone is going to be evicted, you get back doored with a shocking alternative to your expectation. Of course, Norman Reedus is going to be tight-lipped about the questions, as is every other cast member. You’re not going to be a part of what has become a Sunday standard across the world and spoil it willy-nilly. Come on now.

It is my opinion that Daryl is not going anywhere anytime soon. The saviors had him captive, why wouldn’t Dwight take his things? He is nowhere near as cool as Daryl, or Negan for that matter…so he took advantage.

Hold tight Daryl fans; try not to get too worked up just yet. We will all find out soon enough who meets their barb-wired maker all too soon enough. In the meantime, hold tight to the fact that Daryl was not in the comics…and he can be useful to Negan. Keep that in mind.

Don’t go to the dark side just yet.