‘Dead of Summer’

Camp Stillwater Dead of Summer

Candlelit room, Tony Todd playing piano and bodies plentiful in the lake outside his cabin door…the summer of 89’ has some very evil adversaries infringing on Camp Stillwaters re-opening and so far, everyone’s got a dirty little secret too!

The air thick with Drakkar Noir, Grateful Dead T-shirts in their retro-fashion prime and a handycam ready on deck; we meet the camp counselors loading up to head to Camp Stillwater in preparation for the re-opening of this camp. With the BREAKFAST CLUB-esque crew attending as campers years before, the stand-out character we meet first is the “newbie”, Amy (Elizabeth Lail – TV series ONCE UPON A TIME); her first time in any capacity to the camp.

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Amy soon meets the “handycam addicted” Joel (Eli Goree from 2015’s GODZILLA) followed then by well manicured, Alex (Ronen Rubinstein from SOME KIND OF HATE) with wanna-be hippie, Blotter (Zachary Gordon from DIARY OF A WIMPY KID), the duo of Carolina “Cricket” (Amber Coney from MOTHER, MAY I SLEEP WITH, DANGER) and Blair (Mark Indelicato from tv series UGLY BETTY). The loner with an interesting twist, Drew (Zelda Williams from DON’T LOOK UP) Rounding out the group is our resident vixen, Jessie (Paulina Singer from UNCAGED) They board their bus for destination, Camp Stillwater.

Upon arrival the crew meets the new owner, Deb Carpenter ( Elizabeth Mitchell from THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR) who has a creepy attachment and seemingly dark ulterior motive for the camp’s opening. Visions of ghosts start to be seen by a select few. The Tall Man (played by Tony Todd) also makes unspoken appearances throughout the episode as well! And as episode 1 concludes, we listen to Guns N’ Roses song ‘Patience’ play as we see each counselor alone in their reality which is a stark difference to the persona they have to each other as a group.

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Loaded with cliches and oozing with 80’s nostalgia, I’m interested to see if this crowded camp of characters and their emotional baggage play out in a true horror way or will we see another great idea be shelved as the “thriller/drama that tried”.

‘DEAD OF SUMMER’ Tuesday’s at 9pm/8c only on FreeForm

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