Season Two of Ash vs. Evil Dead starts in October but yesterday we got our first taste of the second season thanks to a wickedly delicious trailer.  Groovy, baby!

Bruce Campbell returns as everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed monster slaying hero, Ash.  He returns to his hometown, Elk Grove, in season two and forms a tandem with last season’s ultimate baddie Ruby (Lucy Lawless).  Ruby has the Necronomicon and the two must join forces to thwart the evil forces that are making Elk Grove home.

Season Two will feature ten 30-minute blood-soaked episodes and if this trailer is what we have to go by, horror fans are in for quite an awesome treat as the Evil Dead universe continues to roll on.  Blood, guts, shotguns and mechanical bulls – and a puppet – all make fantastic appearances in the teaser trailer.  Did I mention blood?  Because it appears roughly two hundred gallons of the crimson stuff was spilled during the teaser trailer alone!

Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) and Ted Raimi join the cast this season, with Majors playing Ash’s father and Raimi portraying Ash’s childhood friend.  Michelle Hurd (The Glades) joins the fray as Ash’s high school sweetheart.

Check out the trailer below and get your boomsticks ready.  It’s gonna get messy come October!


ASH VS. EVIL DEAD S2 is coming baby!!