Hannibal TV Series

Hannibal TV Series Shows Signs Of New Life For More Seasons

Hannibal Season 4

Hannibal fans were mighty pissed when NBC pulled the series after 3 seasons. While it might not have been a ratings hit it’s fan base was strong. The show’s writing, acting and visuals were something very unique in television. Fans were extremely vocal about wanting the show to continue. Even if on a new Network other then NBC but the wish was not to be granted and the shows creators moved on to other projects. Well now it’s seems the fires of hope have been stoked once again as the shows Executive Producers Martha De Laurentiis and Bryan Fuller both recently took to social media to drop some new hints of hope.


Fuller also took time to answer fans about the topic.

Earlier comments from Fuller on a possible season 4


The two tweets together should give fans hope that they will find a way to bring Mads Mikkelsen back for a delicious new season. You know they are thinking the same as fans. Bring it back baby!!

Hannibal TV Series Season 4

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source: Deadline