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I Ain’t Afraid of no Ghost…Just Poor Programming

Is it just me or has there been a serious rash of paranormal reality shows on television lately? I may need to see a doctor for this rash, because these shows are so irritating. Now, I love ghost stories as much as the next person, but this is getting out of hand. I found myself watching a show called Ghost Asylum, and they claim to be able to trap a spirit. In every episode, the group discusses a custom trap for the spirit they are dealing with and then run off to the hardware store and build it. A trap? Are you joking? You cannot be serious. Ghostbusters is one of the greatest films of all time, but trapping a ghost is stretching the term “reality” a bit in my opinion. I could not stop watching the ridiculousness in front of me. They are apparently able to resolve most of the problems they are called to help with and the group gathers at the end to hang a framed picture of them in front of the location they just “cleared”. It is a joke. We also have a show called The Ghosts of Shepherdstown, where a small town in West Virginia has been experiencing a massive amount of paranormal activity and the locals are in a panic.


The sheriff brought in a team of so-called experts to investigate the strange activity. Wow, the acting in this show is awful. I assure you, yes, it is obviously acting. Speaking of acting…you also have Celebrity Ghost Stories. I researched this show a bit, mostly by looking at who had been interviewed in each episode. The list is a who’s who of irrelevant celebrities for the most part. To me this looks like a sad attempt to land work and make money. As I said, the majority of reality paranormal television is laughable. Since it is so bad, why do people get sucked in and fuel this appalling trend? Anyone can be a ghost hunter these days. I’m not totally against this part of the genre, but some of these shows are more ghastly than the subject matter itself.


In my opinion, there is only one reality show worth your time and that is A Haunting on the Discovery channel. This show keeps the creep factor you want when hearing a ghost story. Each episode interviews those involved in the incident and actors reenact it. This show does not attempt to show proof that anything really took place so the viewer is left with that “what if” feeling, and that feeling can be scary; and that is appeal. If you are a fan of ghosts and the paranormal, biographical shows are worth checking out if you are in the mood for a scare. The scariest part of the “ghost hunting” shows, is that people actually believe they are real.