James Franco once again has us scratching our heads in wonder. This time it’s the trailer for his new Lifetime TV movie ‘Mother, May I Sleep with Danger‘. James served as executive producer and the script was developed from a story by Franco that was a take on the original TV movie. James Franco stars along side Tori Spelling,  Vince Jolivette, Diane Sokolow, and Rachel Verno. Melanie Aitkenhead directs from a script written by Amber Coney.

The original told the story of a mother who discovers her daughter (Spelling) is dating a murderer (Ivan Sergei). This time, Spelling takes the role of the mother, who, after the shock of her daughter (Leila George) coming out as a lesbian, discovers the girlfriend (Emily Meade) is a blood-sucking vampire.

I’m not really sure why this was made but I guess a movie star can express his creativity however he likes.

source: EW