Neil D'Monte

Scream The TV Series Season 2 is set for release later this month, 7 minutes from the premiere will be premiering Friday The 13th (Live-Streaming on @MTVScream and on Facebook at SCREAM) and the DVD of season 1 is selling out at Walmart (I literally called to put mine on hold and they said from 25 they’re down to 3). Needless to say I’m pretty excited for the new season of SCREAM and to add to the excitement I met up with Story Board Artist, Neil D’Monte, whom is working on Scream The TV Series as well has worked on films such as Batman V. Superman, Fear Clinic and Vampires Anonymous.

Neil D'Monte

Why don’t you introduce yourself to Terror Time’s readers

My name is Neil D’Monte.  I am a storyboard/concept artist, actor and a new director, primarily working in the horror/thriller genre.  I work mostly with Blumhouse, Elijah Wood’s Spectrevision and MTV/Lionsgate Films.

What CAN you reveal to me about Scream Season 2, can you guarantee to the fans that the body count will rise dramatically in season 2?

Sadly I signed a massive NDA so I cannot divulge anything about what I have seen or worked on. But, I can guarantee you enough thrills and tension to soil your underwear.  The staff goes out of their way to outdo themselves and this new season will see some new things emerge.


Do you think fans will ever see the return of the original Ghostface?

Hmmmm,…not too sure as we are just starting Season 2.  But you never know what producers and writers will throw in as the series develops.


What can we expect from Fear Clinic and Batman VS Superman?

Fear Clinic is already out On Demand and Blu-Ray/DVD.  It is a fun ride based on the hit web series.  It is far more scary than the web series and I got to work with some old friends and make some new ones as well. Meeting Robert Englund was a thrill for me as Wes Craven was the first person I met in the horror genre who really dug my work.  Batman V Superman is already out in theaters here in the States and is a big-budget special effects extravaganza.  Have to say Ben Affleck plays my fave Batman so far and his costume rocks!  Lots of fun and visual eye candy!

What’s it like working on storyboards for films and series like these?

It is a fun job!  ALWAYS challenging!  I have yet to have a boring day.  I get to work with new, up and coming directors as well as seasoned professionals.  It is great running ideas back and forth with the directors and DP’s (Directors of Photography) and coming up with new and interesting ways of achieving camera shots and angles.  It is really rewarding to watch these movies and tv shows and see what I originally drew on paper come to life on screen.

What has to be your favorite project you ever worked on?

That is a good question.  All of the projects I have worked on are my favorite in their own right.  Each one has its sets of challenges which we have to solve and each one stands out on its own.  So it is really hard to pick one when I am fan of just about everything I have done.

What’s next for you?

I am about to start storyboarding the heist flick Den of Thieves with Gerard Butler and SpectreVision’s (Elijah Wood’s horror company) Colour Out of Space.  I am also a partner with a new production company and we have a show in development with a network so that has been keeping me pretty busy.  I am also a co-producer on a monster flick of which we are developing art right now.  And I am directing a comedic web series called Front Men, written by a good friend of mine.  And we are pitching our vampire comic to film property Clan of the Vein to production companies.  It is a great time for horror and I am glad to be a part of it.

Thanks for having this interview with Terror Time

Below is a pic Neil shared with us from his newest project VORACIOUS






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