Look like Star Trek is coming back.

Deadline.com is reporting that ever since Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci, key players on the Star Trek feature franchise, moved to CBS TV Studios, there had been talk about them resurrecting the studio’s marquee title. Now the long-gestating new Star Trek TV series is becoming a reality. It will be shepherded by Kurtzman, who will serve as executive producer. CBS Television Studios is the studio.

Kurtzman and Orci had gone their separate ways on the feature side. On the TV side, their company, CBS TV Studios-based Kurtzman/Orci Paper Products is still intact though Kurtzman is expected to work solo on the Star Trek series as one of the projects under a separate deal with the studio.

CBS Corp. had been high on rebooting Star Trek, which had been a goal for the company. Detailed announcement on the new series is expected later this morning.


  1. Hope it will be a gritty, well done drama with the scifi as a backdrop-not a PC/hold hands singing ‘We are the World’ like the Next Generation series and spinoffs. Would like to see something like the Galactica reboot or Babylon 5!

  2. I have lots of ideas that could work. How about a very special tramp liner, a big-ass cargo vessel that picks up special items or hauls. It docks on stations, lands on planets. The owner of the vessel is some kind of century old character that operated the ship back in the old days and he knows people in several interstellar empires, has friends everywhere, and has these special charters where he has rights to dock deep in Federation space, deep in Klington space, etc. A crew of very weird types. The ship is old and weird, like a ghost mansion, all rusty corridors. In this series the federation is not nearly as utopian as depicted in previous series.