Comedy and horror fit well together. Most recently with Jordan Peele’s ‘Get out’. Today TBS  gave the green light to the comedy horror anthology pilot ‘Nightmare Time’ written by Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Rec, Legion), Darcy Fowler, Kieran Valla, and Seth Kirschner.

Every episode features two insane nightmares, inspired by the horrors of modern society and uses tropes and touchstones of the horror genre to guide audiences through its absurd universe. Thanks to advanced technology, we’re able to peer into their restless minds, and witness their nightmares in real time. But what is “real” anyway? Maybe it’s all just a nightmare in Aubrey’s mind. One endless nightmare that could eventually destroy her and the entire world.

We know she’s funny but can she be scary?

Aubrey Plaza can be seen in the upcoming ‘Legion’ on FX coming early 2017

source: TVline