Ride with Norman Reedus

While horror on television is on hiatus, why not take a RIDE with Norman Reedus?

Norman Reedus is burning up the road on two wheels, traveling the country and experiencing the best it has to offer in a way that most of us only dream about late at night. This show combines travel, motorcycles, history, food and adventure; all rolled up into a nice tight one hour package every Sunday night. Sunday’s have always been my night to unwind, add that to ridin along with Norman…I like ending my week this way, not sure about the rest of you. While


Norman portrays ‘Daryl Dixon’ on AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead; it is the tip of the iceberg that is the range of Reedus. He is an accomplished photographer and artist, and this show highlights the eye that he has for capturing the everyday moments in life. I, CB, fell in love with this man with Boondock Saints, and even more so with TWD…but my research led me to his off-screen works years ago. Ride lets fans go on a road trip with a man that truly appreciates life, and in his own words “salt of the Earth people”. Norman takes pleasure in every experience in this series from the bikes to the food to the culture of where he ends up. He embraces all of it in a way that is inspiring. In episode 2, exploring Death Valley, he quoted Hunter S. Thompson, “buy the ticket, take the ride”. You only live once, so why not do it balls to the wall? This man knows his bikes, and completely lives the thrill that comes from them. Norman said that he asks before shooting starts of TWD each season, “Do I get to ride a bike?”…they say “Yea.” That is his main concern from what I can tell. That is commitment to his interest, and this show is definitely something to be committed to. Though this show is not horror, it is television worth watching. Fans of Norman will gain so much more than just a reiteration of ‘Daryl’, they will learn where that character was born. Norman made that character come to life and this show, in a sense, allows a look inside to who Norman really is and what symbolism the motorcycle has in this writer’s opinion. As he said, “The journey is the destination”. I recommend taking this RIDE!


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