HBO's Halfworlds

Run With Demons While Binging HBO’s Halfworlds Seasons 1 – 2

Finding new horror on TV this year of year can be tough but HBO has one they’d like you to check out.

The HBO horror series aired in Asia first and has now become avail to stream via HBO. The story features a parallel world of blood thirsty creatures from Indonesian mythology, who have lived among humans for centuries, but whose hidden existence is uncovered as a supernatural day of reckoning draws near.

Production was entirely in Indonesia, with eight weeks of studio and backlot shooting at Infinite Studios in Batam and a further week of location work in Jakarta. The series has an international cast.

For generations Demits (demons) have lived alongside humans in secret, but now a powerful event may bring their identities to the surface.

Mortals and mythological Demits collide in the human world. Stream now on HBO.