MTV is preparing to move its on-screen adaptation of SCREAM in a new direction.

Variety has reported that the MTV hit series SCREAM and it’s third season will feature an entirely new cast with a new story. It will also be adding Queen Latifah as an executive producer with Shakim Conpere’s Flavor Unit Entertainment.

To further help move things along, Brian Matthews has joined as showrunner with Harvey and Bob Weinstein staying on as executive producers under Dimension TV.


In the small screen version of the film franchise created by horror icon Wes Craven, a killer surfaces in a small town where the high school students being stalked believe that they’re being hunted by the town’s urban legend. It was showrunners’ hope that they could harvest the same wit, charm, and its ability to take the genre nostalgia and build up on it, to the new series.

Audiences were mixed down the middle for the first season, though it was renewed for a second. Viewership slowly dropped as the follow-up season continued, to the point where fans were held holding their breath for some time on news of the fate of a third season.

The show came back for a special episode on Halloween 2016, with some expecting it to be the last, but shortly afterward it was announced that MTV was indeed moving forward with the show.

There are no more plot details as yet for Season 3 of “Scream,” but we’re sitting by our phones waiting to tell someone how much we love scary movies.