Hot on the heels of our first looks at the upcoming second season of “Stranger Things,” we learn about who is going to guide us through the new adventures of the Hawkins kids, and one of them might surprise you. Entertainment Weekly has reported that FINDING NEMO and FINDING DORY director, Andrew Stanton will direct two of the nine episodes of “Stranger Things” season two.

Executive Producer Shawn Levy explained how big of a fan Stanton is of the property, “Andrew called me out of the blue and said, ‘I love it. I would be honored to be part of it.’”Show creators the Duffer Brothers will be taking the reigns of episodes 1, 2, 8, and 9, and Andrew Stanton will be directing episodes 3 and 4. Rounding out the season, episode 7 will be helmed by ELECTRICK CHILDREN director, Rebecca Thomas. We have been getting progressively more hyped for season two of “Stranger Things” since the day it was announced, thanks to a brilliant marketing campaign. Shortly after the announcement, the team even released the titles to all of the episodes, even though they’ve stated that some are placeholder titles in order to not give away any plot details when the season actually releases.

Our first look at the season premiered during this last super bowl and showed us everything from ghostbuster costumes to our favorite kids in action to a Lovecraftian menace that looks like it could eat the world. A year after the events of season one, Hawkins tries to move on and the people affected try to find a sense of normalcy, but the world hasn’t seen the last of The Upside Down, and friends old and new will need to unite to face what’s coming from the others side. “Stranger Things” season two will debut on Halloween. What do you think of the directors listed? Does it make you any more excited for the coming season?