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For those of you who closed out the first season of “Stranger Things” saying that they wanted more of Steve Harrington got their wish, but not in the way they thought. Though he’s due to play a larger role in season two of the insanely popular Netflix series, we can see Joe Keery do his best Matthew Broderick in a series of commercials for Domino’s based on the classic, FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF.

Wearing similar clothes of Broderick’s famous character, Keery races through backyards, over fences, snags a beer, launches himself into the air via trampoline, all to beat the incoming Domino’s driver. He even introduces himself to two bikini-clad sunbathers. In the scene where Bueller’s dad’s car pulls up, we get a treat: the car is being driven by none other than Alan Ruck, who played fan favorite Cameron Frye in the original film.

In another commercial, Keery reenacts another scene of the movie, the montage where Bueller is in various places around the house while getting ready for his day, including the “Life moves pretty fast” speech in the shower, complete with shampoo-induced mohawk.

They do an amazing job matching the commercials with the original film, nearly shot for shot, inserting the altered or additional dialogue to pitch pizzas to the audience. It certainly accomplishes two things: we want pizza, and we’re digging out our old copy of FERRIS BUELLER’S Day OFF.

Have you seen the commercials? What did you think? Comment below with your favorite lines from the original film.

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Alan Ruck and Matthew Broderick in a scene from the 1986 motion picture “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Mandatory Credit: Paramount/The Kobal Collection [Via MerlinFTP Drop]