Netflix’s Global Hit And Original Series, STRANGER THINGS, Is Showing No Signs Of Slowing Down Its Trend Domination. The Stars Of The Show Give A Fun Video Commentary On What We Can Expect For Season 2.

Once upon a time, a young boy disappeared and a psychokinetic girl came on the scene. She helps his friends in their search, while the boy’s older brother, his mother, and the town police chief start their own investigations. Only could be describing STRANGER THINGS, right?!

Set in the 80’s, this series is a global success. From backdrop, storyline, cast and media; this series is a household name. Most relevant, the core cast being under eighteen years of age is giving even the most seasoned vets, a run for their money on working events.

Eagerly we all await the premier of season 2 (slated for October 31, 2017). And the addictingly charismatic, cast members collaborated with Entertainment Weekly making this fun season 2 teaser.

EW went on to brilliantly add “Now the THINGS cast and crew need to live up to all the hype when they return in October. “That is the new challenge of season 2: quieting the cultural noise that surrounds our show,” admits executive producer Shawn Levy (ARRIVAL). Still, the Duffers are confident that they’ve crafted a worthy successor to the first season.

It’s a balance of the comfort you’re familiar with but then trying to take it in new directions,” says Ross Duffer. “That’s what we’re trying to strike with season 2.” They’re also working hard to keep the majority of these STRANGER developments under wraps. Despite having security tighter than Hawkins National Laboratory, this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly has your exclusive first look at the top secret STRANGER THINGS 2 (which we @ TerrorTime strongly urge you to get)

Courtesy Entertainment Weekly

Until October, we will anxiously keep an eye on this impressive series!

source: EW