It is pretty amazing to see how many times “Stranger Things” had been turned away from various networks. The Duffer Brothers, who created the show, were relentless, and didn’t let a few simple nods of disapproval leave them astray to what would become one of the most talked television shows of the Summer.

With that being said, it is no shock to anybody that binge watched the love for 80’s horror, riding bicycles after dark, and waffles, that season 2 is lingering nearby.

However, it appears that that filming just be might happening as we speak. Well, according to some leaked photos of a supposed location shooting by a Reddit user. It appears that there might be some champagne bottles to pop as we prepare for yet another binge.


Stranger Things cast gives fans a video message


The Redditt user apparently lives close by to a location in Atlanta, GA where the shooting is speculated to take place. “Stranger Things” has already been confirmed and will be set in 1984, eventually debuting in 2017. However, this new speculation in to the actually shooting of season 2 is pretty legit! I mean, that means all storylines have been written, cast is set in place, every-thang is good to go! Finding about You Know What, might pull away from the charm, but I holding on to hope! Also, the Duffer Brothers are dope.


For a show that weren’t even considered as dung drop to most networks, this is some pretty bad ass news.

More clues for Season 2 from the Duffer Brothers

Long live the 80’s. And, the Duffer Brothers. You guys rock.

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