Take a moment to yourself, ‘The Walking Dead’ fans, and think about it. How many times have you questioned a fellow fan, or even a friend just to psychoanalyze the plotline of TWD?  How many.  You cannot count. Imagine being an actor on your favorite show having to keep everything a secret. Imagine how some actors may have to remain indoors, being escorted, secret service style, just to get their taco fix! Fans do not always stop and think that the actors are people too.


According to CinemaBlend Lennie James (below) has adopted a brilliant way to avoid the questions of season 7: “I’ve kind of done two things.  One, I’ve stopped talking to people.  And two, you have to get very single minded about protecting this particular story line and trying your best to stay true to it…”  Fans should really learn to overcome the star-struck and respect the person portraying the story. Sit in angst with the rest of us. No matter what you ask, they are obligated to stay quiet. There are no secrets being leaked, and this is obviously the hardest for the cast to keep quiet. Of that, I am POSITIVE!

EW’s Dalton Ross interviewed Jeffrey Dean Morgan a.k.a. “the” Evil Negan. When discussing the differences between the comic and the show, Morgan had this to say: “So what we’ve created is very disarming. I think there is this f—ing charm and devil may care, but you’re going to do it my way. But he does it with a smile. But when that violence comes, there is no doubting what this guy is going to do and how he’s going to do it, and I think we’ve established that very early on, that at any given moment you can die in front of Negan. What I hope is that it does make it scarier. I think after the premiere airs this year, I think the audience is going to get a very good idea of what Negan is capable of. So if there’s a scene where he’s smiling and people are like, “What the f—? He’s not a badass.” Well, just watch, because at any given minute, you know, Lucille is going to take your f—ing head off and he’s going to do it with that same smile. That’s the thing.


I think I can speak for all of my fellow TWD crew when I say that the introduction of this character is scary as F*** and the time keeps ticking closer and closer. The crazy thing is, we will continue to talk about “who gets it” until someone does … then we may all go dormant for about six days … and then we will be up and about and asking more questions again. My goodness, that is part of the brilliance of this series. EVERYONE keeps talking about it. That is a hit! No pun intended.

Breathe easy my fellow fans… We got this.