The Walking Dead Ep 2
‘The Well’ was Refreshing


Following last week’s massive coronary causing episode of THE WALKING DEAD, it was a nice calming change of pace. We were left devastated in losing Glenn and Abraham, so the introduction of The Kingdom was refreshing. Khary Payton is portraying King Ezekiel, complete with a pet tiger named Shiva. The Kingdom welcomed Morgan and Carol into their community and nursed Carol back to health. This leader is a little out there to say the least, and Carol’s reaction to meeting the king proves she feels the same.


But it seems that this place has their shit together. Plenty of food, laundry service, even movie night! Too good to be true? We can’t say for sure just yet. We see that Carol is still struggling internally with her presence anywhere, whether it be Alexandria or The Kingdom. Viewers get a further glimpse into where her mind is at, and the façade that she has been living with for so long. Carol and Ezekiel played off of one another beautifully in this episode! They are both putting on their “other face” for the good of everyone around them. It is a survival technique really. And just when we think it is safe, we find that Negan’s grasp is far reaching, even to The Kingdom.


Ezekiel even appears to be compliant in providing shipments of supplies to the Saviors, or so we think. I like this new arrival, he appears to be extremely smart, and I see good things moving forward with The Kingdom. Until next week fellow fans!

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