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The Walking Dead TV series created by Robert S. Kirkman and airs on AMC Network.

The Walking Dead

Eugene Is Utterly, Completely, Stone-Cold…Lying Or Telling The Truth? TWD Recap

Eugene is with The Saviors! THE WALKING DEAD's monotone, brainiac with his Tennessee Tophat swag is now Negan's! And is he just putting on an Oscar-worthy performance or simply being...
Negan The Walking Dead Season 8

Trapped With Negan On The Next ‘The Walking Dead’ [Trailer]

Trapped With Negan On The Next The Walking Dead Trapped in a trailer with Negan and surrounded by Zombies. Father Gabriel has nothing but good times ahead! Ok, maybe...

Telltale games announces release date for 3rd ‘The Walking Dead’ Season

Telltale games just announced that the first episode of their acclaimed THE WALKING DEAD series will be released on December 30th.  The new season, titled A NEW FRONTIER will...

‘The Walking Dead’ Returns to Fox Overseas In 2017

'The Walking Dead' starts it's seventh season this Sunday night in the U.S. and when the announcement was made this week that AMC had picked up the series for...
The Walking Dead Season 8

Sneak Peek Of ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 803 ‘Monsters’

Sneak Peek Of 'The Walking Dead' Episode 803 'Monsters' The battle rages but it's not clear who has the upper hand at this moment. Rick? Negan and his Saviors? It's...

Norman Reedus brings back the ‘The Walking Dead’ Prank Wars: Victim Andrew Lincoln

The Walking Dead Prank Wars Guess Norman Reedus had some free time on set because he has reignited The Walking Dead prank wars with a special treat for his co-star...
Norman Reedus The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead: Is Daryl Dixon a Necessity?

Daryl Dixon is the man Wait. What? Did you hear that? The screams of the masses?  Is that real?  Is it a real thing?  Is the whole, “if Daryl dies we riot”...
Walking Dead

‘Walking Dead’s’ Writer/Producer Scott Gimple Talks New Worlds and The Future [Video]

The Walking Dead is looking for a new future Has the wait for 'TWD' been painful? Have you had enough of trying to watch something else? Sunday nights coming!! The first...

Robert Kirkman Discusses How Long ‘The Walking Dead’ May Run

Will the undead ever die on AMC? When AMC Networks decided to try an experiment, a relatively hardcore horror series based on a comic series called THE WALKING DEAD, they couldn’t...

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 POPS! Are Coming

The minute I saw these I just smiled. POPS! makes so,me killer figures and i love what they have done with 'TWD' in the past. Here comes season 7!...
Lennie James Fear The Walking Dead

First Look: Lennie James On ‘Fear The Walking Dead Set’ – Day 1

First Look: Lennie James On Fear The Walking Dead Set - Day 1 It's crazy how fast this is moving but AMC has released images of Lennie James spending his...
The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 8

It’s Just The Way It’s Got To Be On The Next ‘The Walking Dead’

It's Just The Way It's Got To Be On The Next The Walking Dead Last night's Season 8 episode 7 the best moment was when Jadis almost became zombie snacks....