The Walking Dead Season 8

First Look At The Aftermath Of Carl’s Bite On The Walking Dead S8 Return

The return of The Walking Dead brings sadness for die hard fans as we now know that Carl will soon be leaving the group.

It was revealed in the mid-season finale that Carl had been bit by a Zombie and was keeping it hidden from the others. AMC has released images from the series when it returns on Feb 25th. It’s so hard to say goodbye……

Chandler Riggs as Carl on The Walking Dead Season 8

Chandler Riggs as Carl collecting his thoughts in his characters final days.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Carl's death

How to say goodbye to family

The Walking Dead Carl Season 8 AMC

And it’s not the only problem to deal with when the series returns.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Maggie and baby

Maggie is a Momma now.

Norman Reedus The Walking Dead Season 8 return

Daryl still fights an all out war and hopefully wins!

Until Feb 25th!

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