The Walking Dead Season 8

Negan Gets Chatty On Last Nights ‘The Walking Dead’ – S8/Ep.5 Wrap Up

Episode 5 of The Walking Dead’s 8th season finds Father Gabriel and Negan trapped in a trailer and surrounded by Zombies as the Survivors and The Saviors continue to battle each other for control and Negan reveals some truth about himself. It’s the first time we really learned about any of Negan back story and it seems he used to have a heart. Used too.

Warning – Spoilers Ahead

Father Gabriel in many respects has become fearless. He’s been trying to find his purpose in all this, the zombie apocalypse and after being trapped in this trailer with the enemy has lead him to believe he’s there to hear Negan’s confession ans Negan in the beginning wants none of it but slowly reveals he had a life and a wife before the apocalypse. He even had a heart to hear him explain it.

Watch the wrap-up video below for a glimpse at what you missed.

Negan confesses his sole regret to Father Gabriel.

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