Dwight (Austin Amelio) from The Walking Dead AMC



Last night lent to multiple possible coronaries for Daryl fans and we were all a little nervous because Negan is present. Negan has become a huge force in a short period of time on the television adaptation of TWD; and after episode one…we all get a bit nervous and hair triggered when that smile graces our screens. While this episode was awful in that we bore witness to Daryl in a submissive position, we did gain insight into the sanctuary that Negan calls home, and those that dwell within. Dwight, does he actually have a heart? All this time we have held a special kind of hatred towards him for wearing THE vest, donning THE crossbow and “attempting” to ride THE bike.

Dwight (Austin Amelio) from The Walking Dead AMC

This episode opens a door into who Dwight was and still is, which kind of cracks a window of hope for the possibility for a “Negan overthrow” in this writers opinion. We see Dwight in multiple situations where he is clearly struggling internally, but with a stone face “I am Negan” appearance. The fact that Sherry, Dwight’s wife; is there and handing Daryl entail…and then seeing her interaction with Dwight after everything that has happened is heart tugging. As much as we want to despise Dwight…he is still hurting.

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This episode definitely shows that Dwight is doing what he has to do to survive, all the while trying to convince Daryl to conform to save himself. The dog food is reminiscent of the season three opener when Rick threw the can across the room to keep Carl from eating it, Daryl has no choice at this point. He is captive and HAS to consume what they give him, until he doesn’t . And when he doesn’t, Dwight does something that is over the top, but at least he changed up the song. Maybe it broke Daryl, for a moment, but Daryl already feels that he deserves to be locked up and punished for Glenn’s death.


The real question is, is Daryl going to say he is “Negan”? Is Daryl going to kneel willingly? Personally, this lady is going to say a big fat no. But, if he does either, there are bigger things in the works. Daryl may have grieved a bit, but no one should count him out! Til next Sunday’s extended 90 minute episode!

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