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Eeny meeny miney moe – who will be the one to go? This has been the question on the brain of every single Walking Dead fan for what feels like an eternity. To see Rick and the group in that vulnerable of a position…he has to be thinking, “where the shit is Carol?” Negan, (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), is threatening the group in a way that no one has in six seasons. Cool, but not cool man, NOT COOL! The Governor could not do it even with the loss of Hershel. Terminus came close with the whole slaughterhouse scene, but failed. Negan is not messing around and that is scary as hell to us diehard fans. That’s ok, we will undoubtedly cry during some point of the season opener, but return after the dust has settled a week later for vengeance. I, myself, am hoping for a Morgan/Carol moment – that takes out the ‘saviors’…but that is just me. A girl can dream right? CB is not going to speculate, although I have my theories! I could go on for days,

but I digress. My theories do not mean jack compared to this amazing trailer for SEASON 7 OF THE WALKING DEAD!

t7 from AAKCR on Vimeo.

Check out the new posters. Which one do you think goes?

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The Walking Dead will become a VR game

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