The X-Files came to a close this week after returning from a long hiatus. In true ‘X-files’ form the series return ended again with a cliff hanger which leads to the question ‘Will X-Files return again’? The good news is that creator Chris Carter says the show will return.

“I can tell you, almost without a doubt, we will come back,” said Carter during an interview with The New York Times. “I don’t know how or when — Fox owns the show. But because the ratings were what they were, I think the show will come back one way or the other…It’s complicated. It’s really a matter of when the actors would be able to do it, when they’re available at the same time. We’d also need a schedule that would give us enough lead time to make it interesting. Nothing’s been written yet. I’ve written down a lot of ideas but there’s nothing even close to a script.”

Carter also said the ending was designed to leave fans wanting more.

“We’ve always ended with a cliffhanger,” noted Carter. “This isn’t a movie; it’s a TV series. Any resolution would have to lead to more stories to tell. If they feel cheated, they’re not familiar with how we’ve done the show. I think they’d feel more cheated if we resolved it and didn’t come back at all.”

While Carter gave no details for when the show will return we can only hope it will be sooner rather then later.


source: NYTimes

Photos: Fox