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Universal Studio’s announces ‘The Walking Dead’ attraction to open this summer!

Last night on ‘The Talking Dead’ Chris Hardwick announced that Universal Studios will be launching ‘The Walking Dead’ attraction that will be opening this summer.

According to Hardwick, the attraction will be built inside an entirely new structure that will mix live performers with animatronic and special effects to create one of “the most intense” experiences for Walking Dead fans.

Famous visual effects artist Greg Nicotero, who also serves on the show as a sometimes director, will be heavily involved with the creation of the attraction, according to Hardwick.

Normally, the attraction only runs during the Halloween season in October as a seasonal treat for visitors, but due to the immense success of the both the show, Universal decided to make it a staple in its park.

This teaser aired on ‘The Talking Dead’ last night and then was Tweeted out by AMC

Can’t wait for this to open!


source: Polygon