Hideo Kojima And Konami Part Ways After 30 Years

Hideo Kojima is one of the most prolific and successful game designers in the world. His partnership with Konami games created some of the greatest games players have ever...

What You Need to Know About the Nintendo Switch

The upcoming Nintendo Switch console is coming out soon and we finally have some details. The Nintendo Switch is a home console/handheld that can easily switch from a home...
Code Vein

CODE VEIN: Prepare to Dine with Bandai Namco’s New Vampire RPG

Game Publisher Bandai Namco has announced a new 3rd person vampire RPG that is currently being called CODE VEIN. Little is known about the content of the game but some...
Welcome to Camp Sunshine Horror Video Game

Welcome to Camp Sunshine – A bloody fun 80’s style horror game

A bloody fun 80’s style horror game. Welcome to Camp Sunshine Are you a gamer? A lover of all things horror? Want to indulge in a wicked 16-bit graphic horror...
The Walking Dead - Universal Studios

‘The Walking Dead’ Will Become A VR Game From Skybound & Skydance

The Walking Dead, one of the worlds most watched TV programs will now become a series of VR games. 'TWD' creator Robert Kirkman and his company Skybound have partnered...
Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus

QUAKECON 2017: “WOLFENSTEIN” Creative Director Jens Matthies talks “The New Colossus”!

QUAKECON 2017: WOLFENSTEIN Creative Director Jens Matthies talks “The New Colossus”! By Ken W. Hanley Blending action-adventure dynamics with sci-fi and horror elements, there’s few gaming franchises that have held the...

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME Has The Horror Gaming Community Fan-Gasiming. It’s Brutally Amazing

FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME. Our favorite merciless masked man-monster is holding nothing back except a victim just before killing them FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME trailer is here and...
Evil Dead VR game

Announcing Evil Dead Virtual: Nightmare – The VR Game From Hell

Are you ready to be truly immersed in the world of Evil Dead? Based on reimagining of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare is a soul- crushing...

Night Terrors – The Pokemon Go! for Horror Fanatics

Without going into too much detail, I am one of those people among the thousands of others that firmly believes the house they live (or lived) in is haunted....
Walking Dead

‘Walking Dead’: Sasha Crosses ‘To The Other Side’ as Producer Scott Gimple Sheds Light...

Did we see the beginning of the end for Sasha? She entered the Saviors compound last night with a taste for blood after bonding with Sasha. The Walking Dead...

Horror Franchises That Would Make Great VR Games

Even though there are several horror “experiences” and a few games out on VR platforms I can’t help but wish for more. Friday The 13th – The much anticipated “Friday...
Spider-Man Vs Venom

Check Out the Horror’centric Venom vs. Spider-Man Fan Trailer & Win a Copy of...

With the horror’centric feature 'Venom' arriving to theaters this fall, a new fan-made trailer hit the internet over the weekend, which showcases a moody smack-down between the Symbiote anti-hero...