These are a compilation of actual YouTube videos WITH jump scares. If you are at work, don’t scream. If you are at school, GET OFF THE INTERNET AND GO TO CLASS. If you have a heart condition, these aren’t for you! Basically, just be prepared.

Ready, Set…


Still breathing? We know, that why we picked that one! Brave enough to go on? Ok, you asked for it…


Oh my God. Are you ok? I would tell you a joke about a broken pencil to make you feel better but it be pointless so wouldn’t help. Moving on…


RIGHT?!? We jumped too! Catch your breath. Just enjoy s surreal beach scene to get your composure back.


Our bad! But, hey, you made it! One left!



SOURCE: YouTube, CrazyMarc666 and the creators of these VERY FUN jump scares!

Happy Halloween!!