‘Die Antwoord’ has a new album coming out on Sept. 16th and to promote it they released a new song titled ‘Fat Faded F**k Face’ and they posted it to YouTube for a listen. Check it out and let us know what you think.

While the new music and the album are great news there is also some bad news. They have announced their break up.

According to an interview by Exclaim!, group leader Ninja has confirmed the South African trio’s unfortunate demise will come precisely on schedule.

The final album will be released in September of 2017, and as Ninja explains, “Die Antwoord dies on that day. It’s all over. I feel beautiful about it. I’m not scared of the end. I’m a Ninja. I’m not scared of death.”

Before they call it quits, though, they’re going to finish an art project for the MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Modern Art Africa) in Cape Town, South Africa.

They’re also going to finish a movie they’ve been working on for ten years, titled South African Ninja. “That’s been our well that we’ve been drinking from and drawing from since the beginning of Die Antwoord,” Ninja said. “We actually started writing it before Die Antwoord. So, it’s been in the background for all of our ideas, which have all come from this film. It’s a South African gangster film that has African ninjas in it. Everything in the film is fictitious, like a regular movie, but it’s hard and raw, and everything has some parallel to our lives, so it’s got a surreal connection to everything.”

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