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Van Helsing Season 2 SyFy

New Season 2 ‘Van Helsing’ Trailer From SyFy – Slay All Day

New Season 2 Van Helsing Trailer From SyFy - The Battle Continues SyFy's Vampire epic series Van Helsing is returning for Season 2 and has just released it's official trailer. ...
Midnight, Texas

Good Vs. Evil Battled It Out In ‘Midnight, Texas’ [Recap]

Good Vs. Evil Battled It Out In Midnight, Texas Last night's episode of Midnight, Texas was a fight for the future of the town where it's residents feel safe....

On Ride With Norman Reedus Discover The Zombie Burlesque show in Vegas

On last night's episode of 'Ride with Norman Reedus' on AMC he and his friend Balthazar Getty discovered a gem that can only exist in Las Vegas. The 'Zombie...
The Last American Horror Show


Indy Horror News - SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they just acquired THE LAST AMERICAN HORROR SHOW featuring three killer stories from film director Michael S. Rodriguez, Night...
Kapture: Fluke Oats Studios

Oats Studios Drops Animated Short – Kapture: Fluke

Oats Studios Drops Animated Short - Kapture: Fluke Neill Blomkamp's experimental film company Oats Studios has released a new short titled Kapture: Fluke. This one harmed no real humans during...

Horror Movies Coming To The Big Screen, DVD And VOD This Week

Horror movies just can't be accessible enough for those of us who need our horror cinematic fixes daily. And this week, horror fans, the artists who make this genre great has...

First Official Clip Of ‘Midnighters’ Is About Bad Choices & Secrets

It all fun and games until someone dies in 'Midnighters' The new film 'Midnighters' is all kinds of creepy with some killer performances "Uncompromising and intense, first-time director Julius Ramsay has crafted...

New ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Teaser Is All Negan

AMC dropped a new 'The Walking Dead' teaser to Twitter this weekend and if you over analyze it you might think it suggests Maggie will be the latest victim...

Suicide Squad Gets a PG-13 Rating – New ‘Meet The Squad’ video released

Warner Bros. 'Suicide Squad' has gets a PG-13 rating. Movies are a business to the studios and a 'PG-13' rating means the film can play to widest audience possible....